Through this website, we provide information to organizations and businesses about legal compliance and employer immigration benefits. We tackle the challenges associated with finding immediate and long-term immigration compliance solutions. Our sophisticated approach to meeting work and residency requirements reduces risk and regulatory scrutiny. As you would expect with our name, our primary focus is Alabama. However, we are considering expanding our area given that immigration law is Federal not specific to a particular State.

Employer Immigration Compliance

We provide employer-compliance services to a wide range of interested parties. We believe an immigration practice should be capable of managing all details of an immigration strategy, as well as auditing compliance when there is no compliance issue pending.

To ensure that we provide practical and innovative compliance advice, we stay current on all U.S. and state immigration laws, immigration legislation and government-agency policies. We combine business intelligence and industry leadership with high-quality analysis to anticipate and respond to workforce challenges both creatively and proactively.

Employer Immigration Benefits

This website also provides employer immigration benefits information. Such information assists those in the process of obtaining visas, permanent residence and work permits from various federal agencies. Such information allows for auditing processes to avoid unauthorized employment.

We leverage the latest technologies and software for compliance and case management. We also take a multicultural approach to navigating the complexities of immigration.  We believe we have a deep understanding of the many industries within which users of this information operate.